They watched over the horizon, Cold Boy and Wooden Girl. I charged in lunging upon the wooden girl. Sudden a large splitter was lodged in

my throat and i began choking. I cried out for help but it never came at first.

I was so scared of the failure it would bring if i didnt not make it. Daemon came to my aid and rescued me. All along i thought not one person cared for me in this process.

He heal my neck and i really felt much better but,suddenly something had struck me and i was unable to move. 

I was forced to change into my wolf skin. Daemon watched it horror and cried for me to come out of my unconciousness. I could feel a dark movement with in me.

My eyes felt like they were on fire. I screamed. Something was possessing me. The dark force known as the HABIT i could speak no words due to how much pain it had caused me. He began to speak through me.

Getting inside of both daemon's and i's head. 

HABIT threatened to hurt me to see if he really cared about me.

Daemon threathen back but it was no use. The HABIT snapped my back and i screamed in agony.

Then he snapped it back into place and i yelped slightly. HABIT kept threatening and suddenly broke my arm.

It was a really painful experience. My ribs and ankle hurt like hell. And my back im not going to there. The ankle hurts because i had fallen on it too much, but i am glad i found at least one person that cared for me.

Daemon The Demon. HABIT Had eventually left my body and i was in Daemons arms being consoled he asked if i was hurt and the last thing i remember saying was i dont know.

At least i woke up in the comfort of my bed, but my back is hurting and i have to get ready so bai ~<3~

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