I spotted them on the horizon. Cold Boy and Wooden Girl. My rage inside built up and i charge at them, leaping upon Wooden.

I slashed deep scratches into her chest and suddenly a large splinter was lodged in my throat.

I began to gasp for air. I was bleeding greatly and my fear set in. The fear of failure. I thought i was not going to make it and that would be it.

Im just completely immortal wheni have a great confidence in my self but, it had lacked and i lay almost dead on the ground screaming the best i could for help.

I had lost complete confidence. I thought no one was going to help. Salty tears ran down my cheek and the blood flowed from my neck as i whimpered.

Suddenly Daemon came to my aid surprisingly to me. He picked me up and flew me to some shelter. He stroked my cheek and i cried. He looked closely at my neck as he saw the blood dripping.

He healed my neck and i could breath again but i was bruised along my arms and legs.

I could feel a dark fore inside of me. It forced me to the ground and i could not move. It had also pushed my to change into my wolf skin.

My eyes started to feel like they were on fire. I could not close them. I screamed as the horrendous pain was afflicted upon my eyes.

Something was possessing me. I tried to hold back the screams the best i could and just whined softly.

It was the HABIT he was torturing me to see if anyone really cared for. He was in complete control of my body all i could do was scream and whimper.

As he played with me and used me as a puppet, he also played with Daemon's head.

HABIT threatened to hurt me and Daemon snapped. Then my back was snapped by the HABIT.

I screamed quite loud and began to cry. HABIT threatened again after he but my back in place again. Then he broke my arm. I whimpered and yelped. I felt like i had no strength left to survive.

HABIT left my body and i gasped for air recieving it and coughing. I began to cry and Daemon held me and caressed my cheek shooshing me. He asked if i was hurt and i said i dont know. That was the last thing i remember that i had spoke.

I woke up in my comfy bed this morning and my back is very achey and so is my shoulder

At least someone cares for me. Thankyou Daemon The Demon.



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