As i journeyed so far as my limits have lead me i do what i can to seek the lost

and fix the broken hearted and the heavy burdened. I fought to protect my

brother-in- law and was pierced by many arrows. It was very painful as i used my

body as a shield and they plunged into my body yesterday. Im not at a loss or anything.

I just feel like all the people i know here are my family and if one does betray 

us so be it, but i will stand to the ends of time to protect those that i love

and care for. Im not gonna let and Fear or anyone else stop me from saving. I

stand up and fight for my three adorable child and of course my husband Daemon.

No matter what happens i will fight till my dying day. I will encourage and

motivate. Lift and shield with my wings. Just let the arrows and other things

pierce me and watch the ones using them become defeated by the very hands of me.

No one i mean NO ONE will ever completely tear me down and oppress me in such a

way! So take it, and i encourage to be strong,live long, and fight on!

Sincerely, The Blue Phoenix Angel

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