• Marravil Confusion

    (Emotional theology of watching one of the ones i care for)

    I observed him watching his yearning for affection.

    Yet his mind becomes convuluted and irritation is much stronger.

    While the agitation burdening him, causing him to blame himself for his anger.

    When his mind starts to confuse him and blacken out the light, its not a force of his own just an unnatural neurological interference.

    He holds it in the back of his subconcious and it slowly creeps like a theft in the night, taking his joy away.

    I listen and watch him concerned of 'what will happen next?' Or 'what will he do?'

    The depression has been sinking in its unforgiving claws into his back.

    I steady him, healing his wounds with all the love i can give.

    I am trying to keep a positive outloo…

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  • Marravil Confusion

    As i journeyed so far as my limits have lead me i do what i can to seek the lost

    and fix the broken hearted and the heavy burdened. I fought to protect my

    brother-in- law and was pierced by many arrows. It was very painful as i used my

    body as a shield and they plunged into my body yesterday. Im not at a loss or anything.

    I just feel like all the people i know here are my family and if one does betray

    us so be it, but i will stand to the ends of time to protect those that i love

    and care for. Im not gonna let and Fear or anyone else stop me from saving. I

    stand up and fight for my three adorable child and of course my husband Daemon.

    No matter what happens i will fight till my dying day. I will encourage and

    motivate. Lift and shield with my wings.…

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  • Marravil Confusion

    Dear mommy and daddy, you may find this amazing but i think im over baringly powerful. You saw me the

    other day i love you daddy. Mommy im still confused alot right now. I see the

    way and how things happen. Dont get upset im running away to see how i can get

    stronger and how i can d on my own. Please dont worry ...but of course you are

    but please dont i may be quite small but i have the power of one legion! Oh and

    brother if you read this. Stay strong and carry on with mom and pop okay? I love

    you too little bro. Just promise me you will train? Surely you will gain the

    wings you were hoping for. I have the power to stun any fear so it seems. They

    may fight back and protest but over all they will see. Oh and Composer no

    offence you are one of those …

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  • Marravil Confusion

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  • Marravil Confusion

    I had birthed to beautiful little angels. With my love daemon on my side holding my hands on the way. Great encouragement from dawn, athena, and nesair. I have recieved wonderful help from rogue also know as uncle william now.

    It was hard work but its worth it when youre hold two bundles of joy in your arms. Im so tired and beat from the pushing and breathing. Just to watch them grab daemons fingers brings a tear in my eyes. They are so beautiful and will be a blessing i just know it.

    They are very intelligent and have spoken words already surprisingly. This is mostly due to their biology. If you ever around them just becareful of what you say thats all i have to say. They they are just so amazing. Gorgeous, amazing, incredible. There are ju…

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