In the mythos there are many questions that are never answered with an absolute. These questions include: 

1. What is the origin of the Slenderman?

2. What happens to the victims after they are taken?

3. Why does the Slenderman do what he does?

These are only the general that people ask. With these questions some have made theorys that help us assume what the answers are(examples: Quantum theory, The Tulpa Effect), but only a few are excepted by the majority of the community. These theorys of course may sound ridiculous, insane, or just plain weird, but they're still theorys, and theorys deserve to be noticed as valid ideas(honestly, one of the major theorys is based on a pseudoscientific concept, so a theory of the Slenderman being an alien from another universe should be acceptable). I'll be editing this blog from time to time adding theorys I gathered from the forums, comments, and aswell other sources to get a wide variety of information. I will also add information to theorys to give evidence. If you have information that could improve a theory, or if you have a theory of your own, post it on the comments section below.

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