In recent research I've stumbled on a possible problem. We should all know what a proxy is in its actual definition, but for those of you who haven't the slightest idea of what a proxy is, I'll explain in the mainline definitions: 1.people who have been "chosen" to do the Slenderman's bidding 2. someone who is under the Slenderman's influence, which include the person being in no control of their body or mind. 

Now here's the problem: the term is used in a loose way by this site. TribeTwelve's Collective is an example of what I mean. Each of the proxies seem to go by their own will, not by the Slenderman's alone. But this may not be a problem at all. The Proxies may go by some form of "Caste System".  What I mean by this is that the Slenderman may release most of his hold on them so that they may have some power over themselves. Here's how it might work:

1. High proxy: no hold on them, the Collective.

2. Soldier: haveing full control over their body, but the Slenderman can still listen to their thoughts.

3. Thralls: under the control of Slenderman.(most proxies)

4.Puppets: temporary control, probably close to a target.

5.Non-puppet: people who are under the influence, but not controlled, of Slenderman.(from the movie on YouTube, I'll be sure to post a link)

This is a rough idea of how it works, but might not be fully correct. It's mostly based on the proxies in TribeTwelve, EMH, and a movie on YouTube that was based on the Slenderman myth. I don't expect anybody to agree with me on this, especially those who laid out the definition of what a proxy is, but the term's usage is very loose, even among the ARGs that use it.

Update: I was apparently wrong about the Collective. Kevin might not have a will as Observer after all. Despite that, his mind as Observer might have it's own will, being another part of his personality that he hides or suppresses, if you think in a psychological perspective. Either way, I'm wrong.

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