We live in a "black and white" society based on the idea that there is a good and evil, but never a thought on a neutrality. Reasons for this is because of ignorance among masses due to concepts like religion, ethics, psychology, pleasure to ones eye, and the idea of a hero and a villain. These concepts are built into our societal "norms", causeing confusion among men, which allows others to hate on those who are not going by their own idea of what normal is. I know that without these concepts, we as a society would fall, nevertheless, the concept of that there is a normal(good) and an abnormal(evil) is quite primitive and insulting. Now the reason for posting this whole statement, on a site that is about a being that is purely terrifying to the layman, may seem like a bunch of gibberish to you sense it has nothing to do with the tall son of a b####, but does have conection to how we veiw him. We may see him as an evil being, but that may be untrue onto him. He may have a "grey" reason to why he does what he does. That said, even if we may be scared by how he looks, or not like what he does, we should take in consideration that we are selves are not ones to judge something that we cannot simply understand.

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