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  • I live in Sheol.
  • I am the creek at the foot of your bed.
  • Malakh Ha-Mavet

    In the mythos there are many questions that are never answered with an absolute. These questions include: 

    1. What is the origin of the Slenderman?

    2. What happens to the victims after they are taken?

    3. Why does the Slenderman do what he does?

    These are only the general that people ask. With these questions some have made theorys that help us assume what the answers are(examples: Quantum theory, The Tulpa Effect), but only a few are excepted by the majority of the community. These theorys of course may sound ridiculous, insane, or just plain weird, but they're still theorys, and theorys deserve to be noticed as valid ideas(honestly, one of the major theorys is based on a pseudoscientific concept, so a theory of the Slenderman being an alien f…

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  • Malakh Ha-Mavet

    In recent readings I've came to another terrifying theory. In the first few mythos that tied the Slenderman to cultural stories and art a woodcut became infamous, not because of the "connection" to the Slenderman, but rather for it's alteration. The woodcut was photoshoped by some troll who wanted to have a historical peice to his/her/their story. That wasn't the end to it. Other pictures/woodcuts/paintings were altered to give historical and cultural ties to the mythos, just as it started. Even the creator of the original Slenderman mythos used photo alteration to further his story. 

    Dispite the fact that the alterations where called out, there is still one thing that is not explainable. In the main woodcut Der Ritter, the being (without a…

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  • Malakh Ha-Mavet

    This is somewhat based on the Tupla Theory and Core theory, but is not to do with the origin of the Slenderman. The idea is that the thought of the being strengthens it. Be it you use a symbol that is affiliated with it, or has nothing to do with it, the thought of it haveing a connection to it will make it stronger. To explain:

    (1) Thoughts of a entity like Der Großmann will cause it to grow stronger in it's power.(2) No matter if a thought is meant to weaken it, the thought will still have a positive effect on it.(3) If a symbol is used to ward it off then it shall, but it will still make it more violent.

    To sum it all up, thought is what drives it's power, and no matter how much you try not thinking of it, you still think of what you're t…

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  • Malakh Ha-Mavet

    In recent research I've stumbled on a possible problem. We should all know what a proxy is in its actual definition, but for those of you who haven't the slightest idea of what a proxy is, I'll explain in the mainline definitions: 1.people who have been "chosen" to do the Slenderman's bidding 2. someone who is under the Slenderman's influence, which include the person being in no control of their body or mind. 

    Now here's the problem: the term is used in a loose way by this site. TribeTwelve's Collective is an example of what I mean. Each of the proxies seem to go by their own will, not by the Slenderman's alone. But this may not be a problem at all. The Proxies may go by some form of "Caste System".  What I mean by this is that the Slender…

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  • Malakh Ha-Mavet

    We live in a "black and white" society based on the idea that there is a good and evil, but never a thought on a neutrality. Reasons for this is because of ignorance among masses due to concepts like religion, ethics, psychology, pleasure to ones eye, and the idea of a hero and a villain. These concepts are built into our societal "norms", causeing confusion among men, which allows others to hate on those who are not going by their own idea of what normal is. I know that without these concepts, we as a society would fall, nevertheless, the concept of that there is a normal(good) and an abnormal(evil) is quite primitive and insulting. Now the reason for posting this whole statement, on a site that is about a being that is purely terrifying …

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