Guess who's Baaaaaaaaack!

So anyways, I'm now back from a looooooong extended vacation {he was banned} SHADDUP!

Well anyways, I'm working on a slenderman musical called "The Never Ending Run". But truth is, I can't think of any good ideas exept characters. here they are:

Main Characters

Main Protagonist

A journalist fresh out of college. He gets framed for a murder that was commited by slenderman.

The Girl the Main Character Likes

A criminal deffense attourny. She is one of those people who fall in love with homocidal maniacs for soem odd reason.

The Old Cop

A homocide detective going on retirement soon. He is working on his final case, which is the dissaperance of some guy.

Old Cop's Wife

Not much of an important character. She gets killed by the cop towards the end of act 1, becasue of PrⓍy.

Guy who gets kidnapped by slenderman a.k.a. PrⓍy

He is a rival journalisrt who hates the main protagonist. He attempts to kill the main protagonist in the woods, but is taken by slenderman. Becomes a proxy named PrⓍy.


No explenation needed. One of the only two character's who don't sing.


A mysterious man who seems to know everything about everything thats going on. One of the only two character's who don't sing. He has blue hair.

Minor Characters

All the random people in the background who serve as the ensamble. Such as colelge students, the jurry, other police officers, and passengers on the airplane.


Act 1

The play opens up with N standing on stage. He explains that he will tell us a story of a strange case a few years back. The curtain then opens and it begins.The main protagonist is a journalist. He is working on reporting the strange dissaperances of children in his hometown. A rival journalist wants to get the main protagonist out of the way.("Secret of Success") They decide to work together [as the main guy doesn't know the rival hates him] and they get a lead which brings them to a forest, where the rival attempts to kill the protagonist("In the deep dark woods"). The rival is taken by slenderman, and the protagonist is accused of killing the rival ("I didn't do it!). The old cop is investigating the case, and he belives it wasn't the protagonist ("Looking for a lead"). The protagonist is thrown into the county jail ("A cold stone block") and meets his attourny, an old friend of his. They begin talking and his attourny reveals that she has fallen for the protagonist [because she thinks he killed someone]. ("Now thats a man"). The old cop begins to investigate more, and meets PrⓍy("The meaning of fear"). PrⓍy begins stalking the cop, slowly driving him insane, ("A feeling of sudden dread") leading up to the final scene in which the cop bursts into the courtroom durring the trial and opens fire on the jurry, killing several emebrs including his own wife ( "The Trial"/ "He's gone mad"). 

Act 2

N once agein comes on stage explaining that several years have passed seince the incident. He explains that the protagonist was found innocent, and that he and his girlfriend [now wife] have moved to florida to live a normal life. He also explains that the old cop has been released from a mental asylum and is currently on a plane heading back to his hometown. It then switches scenes to the ex cop sitting in his seat on a plane. He turns to look out a window and see's slenderman standing on the wing. He starts panicking and alerting the passengers, but PrⓍy [disguised as a flight attendant comes to inform the passengers that the ex cop is not entally sound.  The ex cop freaks out and dies of a heart attack ("Something on the wing"). When the plane lands, the crew notices that the wing has been damaged, and they can't find the body of the ex cop, or the flight attendant anywhere ("Now thats just strange"). It then switches scenes to the Protagonist in a coffee shop, where he meets N. {TBC}

Help PLZ

Asside from that very sh*tty [and incompleate] sinopses, the characters, and the names of {most} of the songs, I have no ideas for the musical. So I was kinda hopeing that some people on this wiki would help out with this, weather it be writing the songs, the script, composeing the music, ect ect ect. I really want to make this, but, lets afce it, I'm an incompitant moron { You can say that agein } SHADDAP!.

So yeah. Any helpa t all would be great. Kthxbai~!

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