So yeah....Recently I've been remembering an old urban ledgend about the gully near my old midleschool. It is of a ghost who, I just realized, shares many similaritys to the origional slenderman mythos.


  • He impales people on trees and sometimes removes their organs.
  • He mutilates animals, as when he removed the brains of cyotes without phisicaly touching them, and he horribly mutilated a dog.
  • His prefered pray is children, tho there has been two colledge students and one man.
  • The gully is slightly forrest-like.
  • He can cause sickness and insanity


There has only been one account where someone has escaped and told about it.

Here is that boys discription:

  • About 8-10 ft tall.
  • Wears a coat,suit, and hat.
  • He thinks he might have had a face, but it was hard to see/blurry.
  • White skin.

Not necessarily like slender man, but very me sounds like it looks more like White Rabbit from soul eater.

White Rabbit Tentacles

"hello little children!"

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