I am working on makeing new L4D maps on left 4 dead 2 online. they are based of the game slender and slendermans shadow siries.

The gameplay combines That of the orrigional game of the map, as the saferoom door wont open until you colect all the objects.

Each map will include one Proxie(a redisigned version) as the special infected.



masky is the hunter in the SLENDER map. he looks the same but is bald with a burned head, simmilar to jason voorhes. He crawls through the trees.


Hoody is a hunter and the proxie in the SANITORIUM map.he wears a tan russian trench coat with a huge hood.



my alter ego, and the proxie for my upcomeing ARG. He uses nooses insted of a toung.



cursor from tribetwelve. no disigne yet.



all i know is that i will put observer in one map.

Images (9)

scarecrow from batman, he looks nothing like this in the ARG nor is my ALT-personality anything like this.One of my friends recommended this for the L4D maps though. In the ARG, he just wears a potato sack over his head, and wields a shovel and noose.And my alt-personality is a sadist, while the scarecrow in batman is only committing crimes for reaserch on the effects of fear on humans.

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