Hell0, ScareCr0w0ftheARK here. After dealing with tw0 ann0ying pr0xys last night, and re-watching batman begins, Ive decided t0 w0rk 0n this:

lysergic acid diethylamid; 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine; psilocybine; or dimethyltryptamine for starters.

the pharmacodynamics of LSD, for example, is it binds GPCRs and a whole bunch of ligand binding and cascading effects down the rabbit hole....trip. out.

however, effects of these are highly variable and dependent on the current mood and overall sense of well-being by the individual

Im g0ng t0 spray g-man and l0rd vile with this sh*t until they are 0nly shels 0f there f0rmer self.


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