so yeah....i decided to do my ARG "The Conspiracy Club" agein....but im reworking it a little bit...

Its going to be a mystery/psychological horror style series and im getting new people to be the members of the conspiracy club.......


In this universe, slenderman isnt well known about....the game slender does exist....but its not popular like it is in our reality. Slenderman exists, aswell as 


Same as before, with some minor changes.....

The School Conspiracy club is investigateing mysterious dissaperances of students in the school. They decide to have the two main protagonists interview the friends of these students to see if they could find out anything. Something all the missing students have in common is that they all reportedly had said that they felt like something was either watching them or stalking them, and at least 3 of them had shown their friends this symbol:Ⓧ. They search for that symbol in old newspaper archives, and find an interesting arrest record. A serial killer who murdured his entire homeroom class in 7th grade, and carved the Ⓧ into his victems chests. They arrange a meeting with the serial killer, claiming its a "school project for their psychology class". The serial killer is almost too willing to talk to them, and claims that a creture known as Fear Dubh told him to kill them. He snaps and trys to bite them, but is restrained by the guards and sedated. The students deicde not to return for a second visit. The serial killer breaks out of the aylum and goes on a killing spree, killing members of the conspiracy club and putting the murdurs on youtube as video responses to the two main characters videos. Soon an even more malevolant entity begins to stalk the protagonists, and the case no longer becomes about answers, it becomes about survival.


Keirain Crowe Nite (a.k.a. The ScareCr0w)

Screamer zombie

Keirain Crowe Nite concept art

Keirain Nite is the proxy of the series and a serial killer who murdured his entire homeroom class in middleschool, and carved Ⓧ into his victems chest. He was arrested and imprisoned in <INSERT ASYLUM NAME HERE> where he is kept in a padded cell in a full body restraint. He escapes after the two protagonists visit him, and he goes on a killing spree and murdurs members of the conspiracy club. His favorite ways of killing involve hanging or burning his victems. He claims that a creture known as Fear Dubh is compelling him to do so. He referes to himself as the scarecr0w.

Fear Dubh

Fear Dubh is the name slenderman goes by in the series. He is a combination of the orrigional and contemporary mythos. He has a face that looks like your worst fear (hence fear dubh), but it can't be seen on camera. He is about 7ft tall and wears a suit, and has tenticles. He uses blue fire to destroy evidence, but it is not specifyed what he does to his victems.

Dr. Raynold Venn (a.k.a. Ray Venn or Raven)

Doctor Ra Ven

Raven concept art

Raynold is an intern psychologist working at <INSERT ASYLUM NAME HERE>, who is an Oathbreaker of the Mad Doctor class. He secretly expiraments on patients of the asylum, includeing Keirain Nite. He becomes an important character in the series when the protagonists of the plague doctor part of the ARG begin seeking psychological help after encounetring the plague doctor.

Jester (possibly)


Jester in all his badassnes

details TBA

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