I (as some of you know by my comments) am starting an ARG known as SLENDERNOTES(thats what i call it, not the official name).


I have 2 youtube channels to enact this ARG. one is mine called ScarecrowoftheARK (made), While the other belongs to the protagonist david,and the conspiracy club, and is called TheConspiracyClub (made).

So heres the bacic plot: David and Katia(another person) Are members of a conspiracy club at their school. They are asigneed to prove that slenderman does not exist, after a student started to post slender notes(heince my nickname for the ARG) arround the school causing paranoia and panic. Soon after the start the investigation, which they post on youtube for their school to watch, a mysterious proxy named scarecrow starts to follow them, as well as a few close encounters with slendy.



the person in charge of the investigation. He belives slanderman is only a vidiogame character and nothing more.


she is a member of the conspiracy club and is a member of the slender notes investigation.


she is a student being hunted by slenderman, and somehow gets caught up in the scarecrows dark games


scarecrow is a proxie based on my ALT personality. He is a sadistic psychopath who is forcing the protagonists to find the ARK for him and slendy.


Is silently watching the protagonists, until they stop obeying scarecrow.


So how does this sound so far? I wan't some input Se VOUI Plei. so yeah.....

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