s0 after discussing the lack 0f character devel0pment in MH and 0ther such ARGs with 0ther users in chat, i decided t0 send the MH crew this message:

Dear Marble Hornets crew,
We at Slenderman Wiki find it to be of great concern the lack of character development in your ARG/ARE. We belive that your characters are rather flat and lack motivation, and seem to just be going through the motions. The most developed character in your series is Tim, and even he is full of holes.We don't mean to sound brash, harsh, or rude, but it has simply come to attention and it is something we'd like addressed and possibly resolved.

Members of the slenderman wiki.

s0 if any 0f the crew c0mes 0n asking, direct them t0 me please.

Sincerely, The ScareCr0w

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