For the past few days, dealing with deaths, fears, master and satan himself, this is the best thing ive read in a while :

  • 'm trying to find the movie trailer but there's more than one! It's so freaking confusing!

13 days ago by A Wikia contributorReply

    • [1]If you have facebook you will be able to see a trailer on there web page. Or on you tube you could type in "ENTITY" spencer man movie and it will come up with a tralier. I've seen it and it looks scary:-)

8 days ago by A Wikia contributor 

    • [2]Sorry I mean spencer man movie stupid auto correct

3 days ago by A Wikia contributor 

    • [3]Dam auto correct SLENDERMAN movie

3 days ago by A Wikia contributor 

8 minutes ago by Mailjesuru2

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