this is not the exact events of apr 3.....but an exirpt of a conversation between me and dawn includeing the most interesting parts of apr 3:

meh...I'll find it

  • 8:47Mailjesuru2starting from when jade arrests comp for doing something to "Mrs.Lynn"?
  • 8:47Dawnofnowhereno way before that...
  • 8:47Mailjesuru2damn ok
  • 8:48Mailjesuru2"BECAUSE SHE HAS TO LEARN RESPECT" that part?
  • 8:49Mailjesuru2and im tempted to just tell him.....but i probably shouldnt
  • 8:49Dawnofnowherehaha... perhaps...
  • 8:50Mailjesuru2so am i at the right part of the conversation?
  • 8:50DawnofnowhereI don't know...
  • 8:51Mailjesuru2yup
  • 8:51Mailjesuru2its the correct thing
  • 8:51Mailjesuru2appointment for comp
  • 8:51Mailjesuru2something about kibas apointments
  • 8:51Dawnofnowhereinteresting.
  • 8:51Mailjesuru2emily in door way'
  • assumeing correct
  • 8:52DawnofnowhereI got all I wanted...
  • 8:52Dawnofnowhereit's over... leave a mad man to his thoughts
  • 8:53Dawnofnowherethank you Crowe *kisses* your the best eturnie ever...
  • 8:55Mailjesuru2thx
  • 8:55Mailjesuru2and its spelled "attourny"
  • 8:55Mailjesuru2*kisses back*
  • 8:55Mailjesuru2damn hes nuts
  • 8:55Mailjesuru2strangled 13
  • 8:55Mailjesuru2im imagining him as homer and 13 as bart simpson
  • 8:55Mailjesuru2XD
  • 8:55Dawnofnowherelol
  • 8:56Mailjesuru2stabbed emmilys leg
  • 8:56Dawnofnowherewhoa
  • 8:56Dawnofnowhereuncalled for
  • 8:56Mailjesuru2damn...i could get him 20 years for this irl XD
  • 8:56Mailjesuru2strangled emily too
  • 8:57Dawnofnowherelol he left me a cheeze video on a flash drive....
  • 8:57Mailjesuru2XD
  • 8:57Mailjesuru2im laughing my ass off reading this
  • 8:57Dawnofnowherereally?
  • 8:57Mailjesuru2"COMPOSER: IMmA fUcKiNg KiLL yOu.. Apr 3"
  • 8:57Mailjesuru2yes really
  • 8:57Dawnofnowherelol
  • 8:57Mailjesuru2indeed
  • 8:58Mailjesuru2all right there
  • 8:58Mailjesuru2comp told jared to shoot emily
  • 8:59Mailjesuru2"COMPOSER: I ORDER YOU TO FIRE! Apr 3"
  • 8:59Dawnofnowherelol
  • 8:59Mailjesuru2ikr?
  • 8:59Mailjesuru2jared acctually shot her
  • 9:00Mailjesuru2but he claimed it was NOT because comp told him to
  • 9:00Mailjesuru2Jared: *points gun at her face and fires* Apr 3 Hl115: *Kicks Jared's gun hand* Apr 3 Jared: i don't take orders Apr 3 Emily bullet hits skull and flattens, hitting ground Apr 3 Jared: I do what I want comp Apr 3 Emily unharmed Apr 3 Jared: and holy shit.
  • 9:00Dawnofnowhereinteresting...
  • 9:01Mailjesuru2to which comp replies: COMPOSER: ThIs iS COMPLETE bUlLsHiT. Apr 3
  • 9:01Mailjesuru2COMPOSER: So iNvInCiBlE= rUn mIlItaRy... LMFAO Apr 3 COMPOSER: THIS IS A JOKE... Apr 3
  • 9:01Mailjesuru2COMPOSER burns Emily alive Apr 3 COMPOSER kills Apr 3 Emily: if that is true, then I may have a full explanation for it Apr 3 Emily entirely unaffected and pretends to not even notice Apr 3 COMPOSER: ... Apr 3

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