It was a calm quiet day, with a cool breeze blowing. Nothing that day was out of the ordinary except for a young boy standing on the docks, staring out into the vast skyway. This boy was rather tall for his age, with light blonde hair sitting atop his head. He rested with his arms crossed on a post, watching the ships sail in and out of the docks, and the strong armed men tediously attempting to load and unload the cargo without letting any of the contents fall overboard, for if they did, they were beyond recovery and would mean a loss of money for the crew. As they boy watched quietly, another much smaller boy scampered out from around the street. He had scraggly dark brown hair that often fell in his face and got caught in the hinges of his specks.

“Florence!”, called the young boy as he quickly walked towards the other. “Florence I’m back!”.

Upon hearing these words, Florence turned around and greeted the on comer. “Hello, Buxby”, replied Florence. “Get anything good today?”

“Indeed I have. I got a key and a medallion. I reckon its pure silver.” said Buxby.

“Well the medallion may come in handy, but what on earth are we going to do with this key? What use is a key to us?” Florence asked.

Buxby shifted nervously. “It looked important, as it was tied to his waist.” Buxby replied.

“Buxby,” replied Florence, “You must learn that all keys are tied onto the waist”

“But Florence!” Buxby stammered, “He looked like he was guarding it. He was looking around with his hand on the key, and it took quite a while to get it off..”

Florence rested his forehead in the palm of his hand and with that, Buxby fell silent. “Did you steal anything else of value?” he asked.

“Yes, I stole a few pounds of that man as well” said Buxby, producing a few bills out of his pocket.

Florence took the bills and examined them in the light. Well done Bux, this could get us lunch for a few days. But where should we eat?”

“How about that soup kitchen?” Buxby inquired.

“No” said Florence “Not there. The soup kitchen is free, and besides, we are wanted on that side of town. How about that restaurant on baker street? We havn’t stolen anything on baker street yet have we?”

Buxby shifted nervously. “ we haven’t” he replied.

“Well then its settled, Baker Street it is.” And with that, the two boys headed off for lunch.


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