Job dialog

When given a job, this proxy will respond with the appropriate dialog for the said job. All jobs have at least three different dialogs, which will be chosen at random.

Hunt down a Runner and kill them

(humbly) Yes, my Lord, it will be done.

(joyfully) Oh…that should be fun *giggles*…your will is my command…my lord.

(aggressively) They will know fear my lord…before I slit their throat.

(sadly) Another one who tried to run…

Hunt down a Runner, and make them fearful of me

(humbly) Yes…my lord.

(curious) Does that mean I can hurt them, or just scare them?

(sadly) My lord…your will shall be done…*quietly* I won’t enjoy it though…

(pondering) How will I do it, though? (no further dialog after this, they just do the job)

Spread the word of my existence

(humbly) It will be done. The world will know your name, my lord.

(casually) Alright, easy enough. It will be done.

(casually)I need a camera now, it seems.

(worried) But…nevermind, I will do it.

Stay here (opened option only during a mission) 

(bored) I will await your return…

(worried) Are…are you sure, my lord? 

(Cautiously) Be careful, my lord.

(quietly, not shown in subtitles) Right, exactly here? Or can I walk around this general area?

Sneak up on that person/thing and kill it quietly

(Joyfully) This should be fun.

(Happily) It shall be done, My lord.

Misc Dialog

This dialog is opened up if something happens to the proxy outside of a mission. 

If punished (attacked) After failing a mission.

(regretfully) I am, so, so, sorry my lord…I will make sure I never fail again.

(in pain) Please…

(shocked) What?! NONONONONO!

If rewarded after succeeding a mission (an item is given that is of use to the proxy)

1.I…I…thank you, my lord.

If attacked for no reason.

(shocked and scared) What…what did I do?!

To another proxy

So, anyways, once I got this guy, I wanted payback after he threw that rock at me. I twisted the knife in his arm, and his expression, was great. I slit his throat right after, of course. It was a fun job. *chuckles*

I honestly don’t know why, but I feel very unsafe here. (If the player has been a cruel Slender Man)

I love it here. You always feel so safe, like someone is always watching you, caring for you. (If the player has been a kind Slender Man)

Battle dialog

These are said during a battle, and the dialog is different depending on if it is a Fear, Fear servants, or runners you are in battle with.


(shouting, and gleefully) Submit, it will hurt a lot less!

(angrily) DIE YOU VERMIN!

(amused) You think your scaring me?! Hahaha! 

(screaming in pain, after being hit) ACH! YOU WILL DIE NOW!

(after being hit) But a flesh wound! 

(dying) I die, but you will never stop HIM!

(sees the player die) My lord?! HOW COULD THEY KI-(proxy then dies from being hit by a runner)

(sees the player die) NO! IMMPOSSIBLE!  

(dying) *choking, followed by a barely audible: “For the great one”*


These are only said once per battle, when the proxy enters battle, other then the dying and when the player dies ones. All are said mockingly, other then the dying and player dying ones.

(if the plague doctor) Haha, we both wear masks, it seems. Let’s see who comes out on top! 

(If the Rake/rakes) Fear of animals?  Someone call the zoo, they need to be put back in their cages.

(If The archangel) Let’s see if you can bring yourself back to life!

(If The Convection) Chirp, chirp. Little bird on a tree.

(if The Smiling man) Let’s put a frown on your face, for once. 

(dying) You…will…never…match…our…lord…

(sees the player die) NO! NO! NO! NONE COULD BE GREATER THEN YOU, MY LORD!

Fear Servants

All of them are said at the start of a fight, when a proxy enters combat, other then the dying and player dying ones. All are said mockingly, other then the two above.

(if oathbreakers) Doctor…pffft…Hardly worthy to cure my colds.

(if oathbreakers) You’re a terrible doctor, and a horrid fighter!

(if Timberwolves) Little doggy, go chase a ball.

(if a nest) You’re an abomination, you are.

(dying) None of you…will…ever beat…us! *grunts and slowly sighs*

(sees the player die) NO! HOW COULD THEY?!

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