I am sorry, so, so sorry. I must leave the wiki. I can't tell the full story, I just do. My internet acess will be limited, and my laptop is gone. I will TRY to get on, if I can...which is unlikely.  If I can get back on, it will be in at least a month or most a year, or never at absolute worst. I am so, so, sorry. Dawn, it is not your fualt, it is my own. Kiba, I will see you later, guvna, daemon:  But on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace soubriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona. Voila! Inview humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the “vox populi” now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin, van guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.

And goodbye to everyone else I don't have something to annoy you with. You will never me forgot.

Remember, remember, the wiki chat of slender, I can think of no reason, for the slenderman wiki, to ever be forgot. 

It causes me pain to have to tell you this...I...I wish I could stop this. I...I simply can't, I don't have the power, ort he will to stop it.  I am so, so sorry.

TSFH- Starvation04:19

TSFH- Starvation

These videos are my favorite songs...please use them to remember me by.

Two Steps from Hell - Undying Love02:54

Two Steps from Hell - Undying Love

2 Steps From Hell Am I Not Human?03:01

2 Steps From Hell Am I Not Human?

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