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Lord Dalek January 13, 2013 User blog:Lord Dalek

Hello. Some of you hasve talked to me in chat, and some of you were there when I saw the Rake for the first time.

Here's what happened. I was on chat, and I saw something in the corner of my eye, like a large dog, but uprightish. I told the others, and I was yelled at to get down. I hid under a desk.

I heard banging and clawing. After twenty minutes of pure fear, It left. I looked, it had given up, or the time being, and I saw it left a claw marks on my window panes and one mark on the door.

Help me, can I kill the Rake,  or even hurt it? If so, tell me. I will keep you posted on other happenings. Thanks to anyone who helps me.

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