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aka Vyzyran

  • I live in Kapural Lhanaf - Mead Hall of the Ebonthal
  • My occupation is A writer. So, I write books and watch them not sell.
  • I am who I am
  • Lord Dalek

    A Great Moment in Chat

    January 5, 2014 by Lord Dalek
    • Lord of Swag has entered the nightmare 
    • 6:30Filia Nigrum LunaIt was a joke Jared *rolls eyes* It was AGES ago, too
    • 6:30Hoodie1231 am I annoying any1
    • 6:30Filia Nigrum LunaOh thats just sad..
    • Lord of Swag Has Fallen to the Slender Man 
    • 6:30Filia Nigrum LunaGood
    • 6:30DaemonTheDemonThere's something you should all know....
    • 6:30Lord Dalek
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  • Lord Dalek

    Great Moment in chat 3

    October 8, 2013 by Lord Dalek


    • IdealisticPrawnAnyway, you know what's funny?
    • 8:39BadassmcawsomeMe
    • 8:39IdealisticPrawnSmack Cam.
    • And you, too.
    • 8:40BadassmcawsomeI think I am more funny
    • --Jeminemily-- Has Fallen to the Slender Man 
    • 8:41BadassmcawsomeDoes anybody else think I am funny?
    • 8:41SaffronShadowFlame-_-
    • Guys
    • 8:41Shereexo?
    • 8:41SaffronShadowFlameI'd break your laugh box given time
    • 8:41Shereexoyup xD
    • 8:42BadassmcawsomeI dont smile so I make other people smile
    • 8:42Lord DalekTry it.
    • Your wittiest insults, Saff >:D
    • 8:42SaffronShadowFlameWhat
    • IdealisticPrawn Has Fallen to the Slender Man 
    • 8:42BadassmcawsomeYour funiest joke
    • Tell it
    • Try and make us laugh
    • IdealisticPrawn has entered the nightmare 
    • 8:43SaffronShadowFlameI don't make people laugh with jokes .___.
    • 8:43BadassmcawsomeHow…

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  • Lord Dalek

    Great Moment in chat 2

    October 1, 2013 by Lord Dalek


    Yeah, this is he second "Great moment in chat" I have recorded. 

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  • Lord Dalek

    Great moment in chat

    September 29, 2013 by Lord Dalek
    • MaddislimaneWhat the hell?
    • 3:14Judas the Betrayer...............
    • 3:14Lord Dalek
    • hugs Shantelle, kissing her on the lips* NUU!!!!
    • 3:14Maddislimane
    • scratches head*
    • 3:15ShereexoUm..what?
    • 3:15Lord DalekI gots a girlfriend already
    • 3:15TheCipherHi guys
    • 3:15XIII-DEATHoh hey, everybody, i have an interesting fact for you all
    • 3:15TheCipherWhat's up?
    • 3:15Shereexo
    • kisses back*
    • Let the Nightmares Begin 
    • 3:15Judas the Betrayer... Cipher...
    • 3:15TheCipherYeah?
    • 3:15ShereexoCiph..
    • 3:15TheCipherYeah?
    • What?
    • 3:15Shereexoyou okay?
    • 3:15Judas the BetrayerI did not expect to see you ask out Jared...
    • 3:16TheCipherOh?
    • Neither did I.
    • 3:16Judas the BetrayerI mean you do remember wth just happened...
    • 3:16Lord Dalekyeah
    • 3:16TheCipherHmm? I just got on chat.
    • 3:16Shereexo...
    • 3:16Judas the Betrayer…
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  • Lord Dalek

    The Rake Hunters: Part Two

    Three week later, I started to feel a little better, my sense of life returning, in part because of Elly, God bless her, supporting me, she was a Water Elemental, and she had total control of water, ice, steam, and so on. She moved fluidly, almost like she flowed across where she stepped, and Dawn would always make fun of me and her together.

    “My GOD! YOU’RE EATING HER FACE!” She screamed once when she saw me kiss her on the cheek. I silently glared at Dawn for that, and then I laughed. That was a week ago, and it was the first time I had laughed in a while. It felt good, it felt good that I could laugh again, and that some part of me was coming back, the part I was most known for, my sense of humor.

    Kiba played a g…

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