I have a feeling He is watching my every move. Went up into the mountains today, and suprisingly didn't feel His presence there. I still suspect he is watching me. The locals are friendly (with the execption of one) and so far things are doing quite well. The upcoming plan that I have will allow me not only to advance drasticly in my studies of Him, but also advance in my quest for seeking The Key. So far there have been connections, fragments mostly, that I have made in my descoveries, it seems that He can use multiple types of PK and Psychic Abilities. This however is simple speculation. Now all that is certain is that I have to keep searching for the truth. I will keep watch tonight, be as the hotel is in the city, I don't think He will come too close, for fear of revealing His presence in this place. It is still unknown if there is a connection between caves and Him, but dark energy seems to follow Him everywhere, and so far as long as the flow of dark energy is not present, it will most likely indicate that He is not in my current area for the time being, and that can allow me to search for more information without interruption. Also my IQ was found to be quite high, but I don't know the exact score, but any advantage I have will increase my chances of success. You know that one local I was speaking of? well it was this grumpy, to say the least, old man. Still i do not trully understand human beings. I wonder why some people show compassion while others do not, it is a enigma, and it saddens me that humanity may never stop reapeating their past failures. So what is there for any of us except a cold ending to all of our lives? Is there hope? Is there Joy? Is there dreams? Is there truth? I do not fully understand any of human logic or reasoning, even myself, unfortunatly, being human. I say that because people do horrible things yet claim that humanity is "evolved". Hah! I've seen more "evolution" from a drunken monkey on drugs than I have seen on a human being. So that begs the question? What species is He? Is he one of us? Something like us? Something evolved? Something more? A demon? An angel? A destroyer? A savior? A friend? A foe? A teacher? A silencer? What is He? That question plauges my mind everyday that I live.

"I am the Lonely Traveler I wander on my own On the wind I am blown From town to town (talk) 22:51, October 12, 2012 (UTC)

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