Well, I'm back after a few months... Happy new year, by the way.

It seems the slenderman problems have been dying down for the last several weeks or so... but something else has arisen...

23 enigma.

My frined dylan and I have been seeing 23s eveywhere. 10s of hundreds a day. What's even weirder? he was born on 5/23. May 23rd. This is pretty bad, as in numerology 23 means lucky, unlucky, ans sinister. More proof of numerology has been proven---this novemember 23rd, he was arrested for... well I don't want to say, it's sort of personal... anyway on the way home where the police were waiting, he saw tons of 23s. and right be fore he got off, he saw a 32. 32 in numerology means fate, so if you see a 23 followed by a 32, something bad is most likely going to happen and you cannot stop it. Anyway, we've also found that the owl has some signifigance. We already knew it represented wisdom, truth, and secrets, however research continues. What else is weird is that on december 23rd, at 11:00 PM (or 23:00 hours in military time) he heard scratching on his front door, and when he went to investigate, he saw a large, bird like shadow fly away, presumably an owl. So far nothing of signifigance has happened to me, however I stay alert and help dylan through this.


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