Hello there wikia users.

It has come to my attention that some of us have been looking at things a certain way. A scientific way. A way that drives us to look for answers. Basically, Curiosity is overwhelming us. Killing us. Think about it. Everyone who takes but a glance at the slenderman shrugs it off and sleeps well that night. But they get an itch. Curiosity. They look into him more and more until they're like and me, on this wiki. Delving into that faceless abyss. And sometimes the abyss wins. It drives them crazy, convinced they are actually seeing him. Convinced he is after them. Until (and this part is under the assumption he is real) it draws his attetion and they actually are being stalked. And you know what happens next.

Curiosity can be a very bad thing. Worse than you could ever imagine. Unless you are a Victor Surge that created this insanity, then your probably like me. Came across him, shruged him off then came back. Learned MUCH more. Watched ARGs, stayed out later than usual in the hopes of catching a glimpse of him, eventually going mad. Really, it's impossible to tell if you are hallucinating or if you are paranoid OR if you are being stalked. If people say they see nothing when you see him, it could be either one since he most likely chooses who sees him. AND he screws up cameras that can track him. It's nearly impossible to tell if he is causing the distortion or if it is merely a coiencedience.

And why do we do this? This meanless search for the answers? What can be used from it? Facts to be shared? What purpose does mindless chatter serve? To find a way to stop him. That is a possiblity. But that's it. A possiblity. Nearly impossible to prove, to test. So much work, so much effort for the slimest of chances, to protect yourselves from something that has roughly a 60% CHANCE OF EVEN EXSISTING!!! IS IT WORTH IT? I ask you, IS IT WORTH IT??!!!

No. Not to me. My whole life, I've tried to do that, to explain the unexplainable, to find the answers. But why? Perhaps that is the greatest question, why do we do this, the few scientists reading this, why?

Because it is human nature. Just like war, human nature. Compassion, human nature. The will to survive, human nature. CURIOSITY, human nature. BUT to protect ourselves, if you see it is fit, we must reject this, the curiosity, to let it go. Yes, it will be of great sacrifice, perhaps the secret of time travel, BUT if eventually everyone or a vast majority do this, try to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the human race, then it won't be worth it. Imagine, Everyone who has contact with him, learns slowly about him. Dead. Because they thought they could do it. They thought they could stop him, get answers, etc.

It wouldn't be worth it. Not to me. BUT, after you read this, and you feel it seems fit, go for it. It's either one or the other. Etheir you you fully dedicate yourself to it, or not at all. If you just Give some effort or most it won't be enough. You must give 100% of your human nature, for you to even have a chance. So, to those who have decided to do this, I salute you. I truely am in your debt for all eternity if you succeed. We all are. Every person on this planet does. So keep at it. Keep forcing, don't hold back, or don't even try.


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