The only person who could understand my problem is fictional, even he was real he's dead now (Jeff from EMH). He lost his girlfriend, his friends, his family...

As I have lost mine.

My only love refuses to beleive me, my family rejects my opinion, my friends think I'm going crazy. They all laugh, they all say I'm trying to get attention. Even my pet has died, leaving me with no one to turn to, to talk to, to relate to.

This whole thing, it is... indescribibly horrible. It's me against the world, literally. No one is on my side. No one I know in person.

This whole thing...

I'm done with this fucking thing and everything that reminds me of it. Don't expect to hear from me for a long time (Ha, as if somene already was).


P.S. maybe this will bring some happiness to some people, ATTENTION TO ANYONE WHO LIKES PUNK ROCK/JAZZ: Streetlight manifesto is the best ska band ever in my opinion.

~Clayton aka llanox

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