Hello there, dear reader.

It seems that the few of you who are being watched/stalked by slender man might be going about this the wrong way. For instance, I belive running is futile. To me a life like that isn't one worth living. BUT DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY. There are those noble enough to sacrifice their comfort and well-being to slow him down. And those of you who have chosen to do so I encourage you to continue doing so. But those who have seen him but a few times, those who may not have yet but somehow know they will, don't try to run. Confront him if you're not comfortible attempting the above. If you're like me, confront him, ask him want you want to know. See what he says. Try, just TRY to reframe from violence or anyhing that might anger him. For me and those like me running is futile. But for those who are dedicated, capable, and willing we truly are in your debt.

Perhaps everyone with internet accsess and a computer is in your debt. llanox


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