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September 13, 2014
  • Linxables

    Soooo...I had a thought (definitely not a voice in my head and the dream) that it could be Alice? Thoughts?

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  • Linxables

    Slenderman Sighting.

    September 13, 2014 by Linxables

    Hello, My name is Taila and I believe I have seen "slenderman". This image is a painting that was gifted to me by my nan. She said it gave her chills at night, so I (Having loved forests) took the painting off her hands. The painting was made up of three smaller ones forming this image, It hangs at the foot of my bed. One day I was "admiring" the picture, so to say, when I noticed this figure known as "Slenderman". I live in a mobile home with my dad and my dog, next to a small forest. I used to love being there because of the peace and privacy, but a few days after seeing the figure in my painting, I heard my name being called by a female voice, which confuses me, because this is clearly a man.  She called twice, quite loud and quite dist…

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