Lazarus Jack

aka Jack

  • I live in Where ever i happen to be
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is N/A
  • I am Male
  • Lazarus Jack
    • Lazarus Jackthe only people i mistreat are newbies to toughen them up. and my friends when im dicking around with them. But if Kiba cant take it then fine i was sick of hearing her ***** about her life every other day
    • 3:13Maddislimanedae
    • 3:14Lazarus JackI do the same shit with Vass, the only difference is that he can take a joke :3
    • 3:14Maddislimanejack is ok
    • dont worry
    • 3:14DaemonTheDemonThen you shouldn't go around throwing shit at her or anyone else for that matter....and in case you didn't notice this place doesn't tolerate the crap you do here.
    • So I suggest you watch your damn mouth.
    • Before I ban you here too.
    • 3:15Lazarus Jackif that is true then why am i still here? go for it, this site has fallen to hell and aint worth my time. Madd thank yo…
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  • Lazarus Jack


    May 10, 2013 by Lazarus Jack

    "Sam...where are you...." this thought crosses my mind countless times as i lay on the ground motionless. I see nothing but white as far as i can see...

    i get up and begin to walk in one direction. "If i go far enough i will hit a wall Then i can find a way out"

    I sprint and as i do a brick wall appers before me suddenly. "Holy-" i run into it face first then bounce off it. "Where the hell did that come from?" I examine the wall where it stands. It is a solid brick wall that is about 14 ft long and 8 ft high. "Was...Was this here before?" I walk around it and keep walking. "UGH, all this white is killing my eyes. if i get outta here ima kill whoever put me here."

    I walk untill mt feet bleed....then i keep face is tired, i have gr…

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  • Lazarus Jack


    May 10, 2013 by Lazarus Jack

    A Blindiing white light surrounds me...

    I call out for someone...anyone, but there is no reply...

    "Hmmm...where am i" I thought to myself. "last thing i remember is falling asleep in Sams car...this must be a prank. God he is such a joker" "Alright Sam! thats enough, haha where are you at?" 

    minutes go by in total silence...

    "Sam....? SAM!!! THIS ISNT FUNNY SAM!!!" i yell as i begin to panic. "SAM, COME ON!!!! ALL THIS BECAUSE I FELL ASLEEP IN THE CAR!?!?!" I sit on what i assume is the ground im standing on and i burry my face in my knees. "Where the hell am I?"

    I sit motionless without moving for what seems like hours. 

    Real world, Samuel

    Location: 7/11 Outside tennessee 

    "Hey Jack, did you want-" I run over to the car to see Jack motionless in …

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