Since editing the Rake page is currently impossible unless you are an admin, I decided to create a blog post about some changes I think should be made. If other people back me up on this I might consult an admin about this.

I'll bold all the important bits.

Paragraph 2

In relation to Slender Man The Rake is speculated by some to be a Proxy that has, through mutation (perhaps from prolonged exposure to Sigma Radiation), the strange powers Slenderman seems able to give (e.g. The Collective) or perhaps by self mutilation somehow changed overtime into a creature bearing little resemblance to a human being. This would explain why it is able to interact physically with it's surroundings/victims without needing the aid of a human being unlike other Canon beings. It could also be speculated from this theory that there has not always been one Rake as it even today has been known to operate across several countries and has witness encounters from hundreds of years ago.

Paragraph 3

Not only is the Rake dangerous, but also very silent, capable of easily slipping into the bedroom of a victim without ever alerting them of its presence

Paragraph 5

Following that is a 1964 suicide note, where the author claims his/her suicide is due to repeated encounters with the Rake, which apparently stalks him/her. They write that they fears for "Linnie," as the Rake spoke her name.

Paragraph 7

Unlike Slender Man, it doesn't seem to affect electronic equipment.

Paragraph 8

In the 11/26 Ustream, the guys mentioned that they only skimmed the original creepypasta and had never heard of it before viewers sent it to them. They claimed to have trouble remembering any of the details from the original story.

Paragraph 11

In the Slender: The Arrival teaser trailer, there is a hoodie-wearing creature that seems to fear light, and physically attacks the player. The creature seems to bear a resemblance to the Rake, but it is unknown what the bizarre creature, however, it is later revealed to be the proxy Kate also known as the Chaser. There is an image that closely resembles the Rake seen in the Prologue cutscenes. For the time being it is unknown of whether it's a new proxy or a new creature.*

(*I think that this entire section should be removed or changed so it talks about the Rake's "association" with Charlie Matheson Jr. since Kate looks absolutely nothing like the Rake in the slightest.)

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