I just decided to put the whole thing on.  It is kinda long, but so worth the read!! 



May 4, 2012 – Friday

I didn’t have my recorder with me today…too bad…I would’ve caught the most important piece of evidence of “him.”  I usually don’t update a journal or a blog, so this is new to me…whenever something happens like this, I want to write it down, in case I forget.

To start off, my name is Justin Sampson, and I am in college, majoring in Sales Marketing.

I was walking to my apartment after my Chemistry class today, hoping to just relax for a few hours before my big date tonight!!  Avery Johnson…HECK YES!!  I had finally picked up some courage to ask her on a double date with my roommate tonight.  We were going to go out to Big Jack’s for pizza and then go to the new Avengers movie.

Okay, I’m getting off topic….anyways….I made it back to my apartment.  My roommate, Miles, wasn’t home from class yet.  I sat on the couch and turned on the TV.  Flipping through the channels, I came across a static channel.  For a second, I just left it on, staring off in to the gray and black screen, letting my mind clear itself.  A few seconds later, the static began to shift around, as if the TV connection was completely giving out.  The static then shut to black…I tried to flip channels, but my remote wasn’t working. 

Then…something came on my screen.  Green, electronic text began to appear on the black screen.  I would never forget what it said:  “ALWAYS WATCHING”.  I instantly got up  and tried to manually turn off the TV.  Once I pushed the “On/Off” button, the TV made a loud, screeching noise.  I backed up, hands to my ears, but the noise crept through my hands.  The words on the screen changed.  This time, it read, “OPEN YOUR WINDOW, I WANT TO SAY HELLO.”

Why didn’t I grab my video recorder first?

I went over to my kitchen window and opened the blinds.  First off, I lived on the bottom level of my apartment, and the only scenery outside was the apartment parking lot. 

This time, a large figure was on the other side of the window pane.  He had a black suit and a red tie.  His torso looked a little elongated, and very skinny.  He had long arms…so long that I couldn’t see his hands from where I was standing.  The worst part was his face…..THERE WAS NO FACE!  His head was just a pale white, round form with no eyes, ears, or nose.  There were cheekbone and eye socket indents, but nothing else.  I began to shiver, realizing who this was.

It was Slenderman.

I had read about the “Slenderman Myth”…I thought it was interesting!  I did research deep into the night.  It was terrifying, yet so intriguing. 

Then, I realized something while I was looking at this dark, looming figure:


“Nice try, Miles,” I said out loud, “That doesn’t scare me.”

The figure just stood there for a second.  Then, the TV began to screech again.  I held up my hands to my ears again…Then, something terrible happened.

The “Slenderman” began to sprout tentacles.  There were four of them.  The tentacles were wiggling out, growing longer.  He then raised up his arm…and I saw his hand.  He had five long fingers that ended in sharp points.

It was terrifying…I haven’t ever seen anything as real and so………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …HELLO THERE.  YOU MAY NOT KNOW ME, BUT I KNOW YOU.  IF YOU ARE READING THIS…I AM AFTER YOU.  THERE WILL NEVER BE AN END.  MY PRESENCE IS IN YOU NOW, JUST AS I AM NOW WITH JUSTIN! 

I WON’T STOP!!uly 9, 2012 – Monday

So I had written every single day since I saw him at the end of May, but yesterday, someone hacked my computer and erased my entries.  I did all I could do save them, but with no avail.  The only thing that remained was the first half of my first entry and that odd, bold lettered text at the end of my first entry, which I didn’t write, by the way.  I don’t have the patience to write down everything again.  These last two months were terrible.  First, my father died of a heart attack…then Miles began to date Avery and they both dropped out of college, and a few days ago, my brother was kidnapped.  His name is Samuel.  We have been on the search for him nonstop.  Today, my mom received a text from an unknown number that read: “I’m okay, mom.”  We have tried all we could to text back, but, of course, with no avail.  That text is all we have from him, now.

My brother and I weren’t really close, with him being six years older than me, but I don’t believe he could just shut our family off, especially after Dad. 

I don’t think he was kidnapped…I think “he” got my brother.


Two days after I saw “him” for the first time, I texted my brother, telling him about Slenderman and my experience with him.  A week later, my brother texted me, just saying “I see him too.”  I tried calling several times, but my phone went dead every time I tried.  I still haven’t told anybody about this.

Over the course of two months, I have seen Slenderman four times.  Unfortunately, the other three experiences I had with him were erased from my computer.  They were similar to my first experience: being alone, screwing with technology, and odd events occurring after each of them.  I don’t know what to do anymore.


July 10, 2012 – Tuesday

Heard from Sam today.  He texted me something odd: ”FLOUNDERS-TOMORROW NIGHT”.

“Flounders” was our code word for meeting up at a park near our home.  When we were pretty little, we used to say this to each other and we would go hhang at the little park. 

I know that somethiing is ging to go wronggg tomorrow, but I need too face my tyfears.  I have ran ran ffrom “him” every time I’ve seen him.  Tthiiiis timgsfe, I’m readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYOU’RE NEVER READYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


July 12, 2012 – Thursday

So…I went to go get my brother back at midnight, last night…or this morning…whatever.  Before I begin, I just want to say that my brother has returned.  He is far from normal, but it is so good to see him again.

I went to the park at midnight, like the text intended.  When I got there, my brother, hooded and pale, met up with me right on time.  He had longer hair and he had bloodshot, baggy eyes.  He hugged me…it felt so nice.

Then things got pretty serious.

“He’s watching, so don’t do anything stupid,” Samuel said.

I instantly began to look around the area.  The park was right next to a forest, and everything besides the beam coming from my flashlight and the moonlight was complete darkness.

“Who is he?” I asked. “What is he?”

“I need you to make me a promise, Justin?”

“Wh-what? No! You need to come home, everybody has been looking for you!”

“I am doing fine…nothing has happened to me.  He is coming, so I need to hurry!”

“Are you with him?” I asked.

“No!  That’s why we need to hurry! I’ve done something no one has ever done…something no one has ever thought of!  I followed him.”

“I thought he could teleport and disappear…”

“Well, yeah, you can’t follow him, but you can follow his trail.”

“Trail of what?”

“There have been sightings for years!  He has been taking children for years…he has been spotted several times…and recently, you’ve seen him.”

“But all those sightings were fake…there was a Photoshop contest a couple ye—“

“No,” Samuel said, “some of them were.  Something has happened.  A few years ago someone did submit a picture into a Photoshop contest…that’s true.  But what if that person wanted to make send a sign?”

“A sign of what, Sam?”

“That he’s real!!  More and more sightings are coming up.  Several schoolchildren in Kansas are missing, a wealthy businessman in Maine is gone, too.  I have been following these different sightings, trying to find ‘him’”.

“And what did you find?”

“This,” Samuel said as he held out a folder.  I opened it, looking through the pages.  There were some pictures of young boys and girls, MISSING posters, a picture of a fat man, and several drawings of Slenderman.

“This,” Sam continued, “is proof that Slenderman is real.  There’s an article in there of a fat body, found in a forest in Washington.  Next to his body was a note that scribbled out, ‘He found me’.  That fat man was the wealthy businessman from Maine.”

“Well how did he end up all the way in Washington?”

“Two days ago, one of the schoolgirls showed up in Washington, singing and drawing pictures of herself, holding hands with a tall man.  Pictures of the tall man giving her a flower.  And pictures of the tall man standing over a fat man.”


“I headed up to Washington to see what I could find.  I met with the young girl yesterday.  She called Slenderman by a nickname…‘Stalk’.  She said that’s what Slenderman wanted her to call him.  Before I left, she told me one thing…she said, ‘Stalk knows you, Samuel.  He told me to tell you that he wants to meet you.  I instantly texted you.”

“So you drove all the way back home to tell me this…why?”

“Because I wanted to tell you that there is no way to hide.  The only way to fight him is to overcome your fear.  Little children don’t fear him because they find his quiet and tall manner friendly.  Men fear him because he interferes with technology and they are much easier to lead astray.”

“I’m lost, Sam.”

“Don’t be afraid.  That’s the key.  Yyou just just just just just just just just just just just just just just just just just just jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjusssst have to overjumprunhidefleediecome your fears and standfall up for yourssself.”

At that exact exact moment, a large tentacle grabbbbed my brother and threw him threw him threw him into the air.


I began to scream and run.  I shouted for my brother, but he was out cold07295..!?., 

I did something stupSMARTid….I ran into the forest.








flee child






jjjjjjjjjuuuuuuufufuwjoaofpqpjokdeadkjlkjlkjkjlkilltheboykjlfkjoqnTHAT WILL NEVER WORK.  RUNNING INTO THE FOREST WILL ONLY PROLONG YOUR DEMISE….MY MINIONS…MY CHILDREN HAVE LEFT YOU NOTES IN THE FOREST.  THERE IS NO ESCAPE.  FEAR ISN’T MY POWER.  COURAGE IS NOT MY ENEMY.  I HAVE NO ENEMIES.  I FEED ON FEAR, YES, BUT IT IS YOU THAT MAKES ME STRONGER.  IT IS YOUR SOUL, YOUR FLESH, YOU!! I AM NOT AFTER YOUR BROTHER…HE IS USELESS TO ME.  KILLING HIM BRINGS NO PLEASURE.  BUT YOU, CHILD.  YOU ARE MY SOURCE OF ENERGY.  LET ME FEED ON YOU.  LET ME KILL YOU!! ting out of the forest wasn’t difficult.  He wouldn’t stop chasing me, though.  Slenderman began to walk on his tentacles.  I don’t think he could even move his actual legs.  He either levitated or was walking on his tentacles.  He also liked to pop up in front of me at random times…especially when I started picking up more notes.  I believe the Internet called it “Slenderwalking…”  I found eight pages.  They were all torn out of a notebook and heavily scribbled on.  I don’t know who would help this…Thing…write these, but whoever did it was incredibly insane.

I finally found a fence and climbed over, not even looking behind.  Once I got over, I closed my eyes and stood frozen.  I began to tell myself that I wasn’t afraid…I wasn’t afraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiJUSTINYOUREMINEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.  

It didn’t work.  He found me.


An hour later, I woke up next to the park where my brother was.  Sam was there, helping me regain consciousness.  My brother looked fine…he even smiled at me.

“Are you okay, Justin?” he asked.

“What?  Okay?!  You were attacked!! I ran into the forest.  I found eight pages of a notebook!! They’re in my pocket!”

I reached into my pocket, but there was nothing there.

“What are you talking about, Justin?  You texted me saying you wanted to meet up here at midnight.  When I got here, you were unconscious.”

“No,” I said… “no you ran away to look for Slenderman!  You wanted to meet with me here.  He grabbed you, and I ran!”

The next thing my brother said to me scared me more than that tall monster in the forest….:


July 13, 2012 – Friday

I spent all day trying to find…or at least remember the eight pages that I found….after hours and hours of trying to remember…I could only remember three:

“Always watches…no eyes”

“No escape”

“Let him find you”

The last one stttuck out to me the most.  No no no no no nobody belieeeeeves me……………….


July 17, 2012 – Tuesday

Things are still weird.  This is the first time I’ve actually logged on to my computer without it flipping out at me.  I don’t know how long I have to type this, but I just have to say that Sam is still lying about Slenderman.  He has no idea who he is and my mother keeps saying that Sam never ran away.  What’s more confusing?  I haven’t seen any sign of Slenderman in the past few days, but I am still keeping my eye out.  I also checked all my previous entries and saw all the odd typos and bold letterings.  I also found the hidden message in my July 9th entry.  Somehow, Slenderman is able to type things in my journal entries.  He uses the bold lettering…….maybe I should write these on paper…..

July 18, 2012 – Wednesday

Saw him again.  This time…he was in my garage.  He doesn’t have any boundaries of privacy apparently.  I’m beginning to accept his being there at all times.  I find his presence kind of hilarious.  He doesn’t scare me anymore.  Maybe I don’t need to write these entries anymore.

August 29, 2012 – Wednesday

I’m so sorry I haven’t written an entry in a while.  Slenderman stopped stalking me for a while, so I saw no point.  Two weeks ago, though, things changed.

My roommate Miles was killed a week ago.  I hadn’t seen him since the first time I met Slenderman…he wouldn’t text back…and neither would Avery.  Avery wasn’t at the funeral.  It was only me and Miles’ family.

They said that Miles committed suicide by jumping out of his work office window, which was twelve stories up in a building in Washington……Washington.  He didn’t commit suicide.  If he did, it wasn’t on purpose. 

Slenderman killed him.  I know it.  He is trying to get back at me again.  I told Samuel about all this again, but this time, he got aggressive and hit me.  I ran off….I usually did.  Just so I could get some air. 

I remembered that I didn’t update my journal entries, so I decided to take some time to do this right now.  After this entry, I am going to flee to Washington…maybe I can find someone or something that can help me.  This ends now.






May 6, 2013 - Monday

It’s over!! Finally!! It took me almost a year to get rid of that terrible creature from the depths of hell, but I did it!  I haven’t written in over nine months because I haven’t had any chance to.  And plus, I wanted to make sure my next entry was on a happy note. 

I moved to Washington completely.  I ran away and left everyone behind.  I found a cheap apartment and got myself a job as a janitor in some Middle School.  I made sure I was close to the Slenderman sightings.  Whenever I wasn’t working, I was searching for “him.”

One day in February, he showed himself again. 

I was usually the only one in the Middle School when I was cleaning up in the mornings.  I got there every morning at 5.  I didn’t mind the job.  It was kinda fun to just listen to my music loud and explore every corner of that small school. 

That day, my iPod wasn’t working….neither was my vacuum.  I tried the phone in the office, but it was dead too.  I went into the Power Room in the school to check if everything was all right….there was no problem at all…except that nothing was working.

I knew instantly what—who it was.

As I left the power room and made it down to the Science Hall, the lights went out.  Luckily, my flashlight worked.  I knew that there was a backup generator in the school, so I began to make my way to it. 

I saw him.

I quickly began to run.  This was no forest next to the city…this was not my apartment…I was completely alone in a school at 5 in the morning…with him!  He began to make a laughing noise.  He had no face, so I wondered where his laughter came from.  His tentacles started to crash into the hallway lockers as he drew nearer to me.  I began to take tools out of my utility belt as I ran, chucking them at the Slenderman.  No avail.  I made it to the generator room, and to my luck, I got it working.  The lights were back on.  I tried to call someone…anyone.  I realized that this was no place for me to be right now, so I decided to leave…fire me, I don’t care!

Before I could make it to the exit, a loud scream came from inside the school.  I tried the door, but it was, of course, locked. 

Another scream.

Then another.

So I wasn’t alone with “him.”

I decided that these people need my help.  So I ran in the direction of the never-stopping screams.

Slenderman appeared around the corner again.  So the darkness wasn’t his friend…it didn’t matter whether it was light or dark out.  I threw my flashlight at him, but a tentacle grabbed it before it could hit the faceless man.  I charged at the tall man.  There was no way I could reach him without his tentacles, but I figured I might give it a shot. 

Something unexpected happened…something I never thought I could do…my fist actually made contact with his face.  His tentacles instantly retracted and the man fell down.  He didn’t seen terrifying anymore.  As he hit the ground, I threw fist after fist after fist at him.  He began to yell out in pain.  I punched his chest, his ribs, his neck…anything I could.  Several patches of red appeared on his face.  After a few minutes of senseless beating, I noticed something:  Slenderman was wearing a mask!

I instantly pulled off the mask and saw none other than my own brother!!


My brother was lying on the floor, in a black suit…dead.

I was so confused…angry….betrayed….yet, relieved it was over.

I didn’t get it…..

The corpse then woke up and attacked me, making screeching noises, arms flailing at me.  My brother began to scratch me.  My brother’s face began to deform and it changed into Miles.


The face changed again…this time it was my mother…now the fat business man…now Avery.

I began to punch again.

It wouldn’t work…it was all a show.  He purposely retracted his tentacles and let me beat him up.  He wanted to scare me by showing me how much he can shape-shift.  It worked….I was terrified.  His tentacles appeared again and lifted me up, high into the air.  One tentacle wrapped around my leg…another around my neck.  I could feel Slenderman pulling….pulling so hard.  This was it.  I was about to die.

Just then, gunfire went off.  I dropped to the floor, dazed and confused, and saw the battle going on above me.  Several police officers were firing at Stalk.  He was absorbing the bullets.  I realized that this was my chance to run, so I got up and hauled butt down the hallway.

I could hear several officers screaming loudly.  I quickly decided to hide and opened a classroom door to hide.

There was no light…only a small noise.

A whimper.

I went over to the light switch and flipped on the lights.  Several children were crouched in the corner.  These were the rest of the children that Slenderman took.  I recognized some of their faces from Sam’s file.  They were so skinny and their clothes were torn and muddied.  Poor children.

“I will save you, I promise.”

As I plucked up some courage to go help the officers, I headed to the door.  Before I could open it, a little girl called out, “Please mister, don’t hurt Stalk…please!”

This was odd...but I didn’t care!

I ran out of the room and straight at the battle scene. 

Of course, the police officers lost….they were sprawled out all over the hallway.  One of them was even on top of some lockers.

I didn’t know if they were dead or not.

I picked up one of their guns, even though it would be no use and began to walk.  There was an open classroom at the end of the hall with a light on.  I had to come up with a plan…would I shoot him?  Would I shoot myself?  Would I even be able to save the children?  All of this madness…all of these thoughts began to fill my head.  I couldn’t stop thinking of Sam’s face on Slenderman…Mom’s face…Avery’s face.  I couldn’t stop hearing the children screaming in my head…the police officers sprawled all over…so much of this.  So much pain…so much confusion… much Slenderman…..I was spinning.  I dropped the gun and fell to the floor.  This was the end.  Slenderman had finally beaten me.  I was no longer able to go on.

“Take me,” I said, “take me and let the children go free…and the cops.  I was the one searching for you…I was the one Obsessed.  I became obsessed, take me!!”

Slenderman appeared in front of me.  I looked up, but he didn’t look down.  He just looked forward.  His tentacles were flailing around, whipping at the air.

Then…he spoke.


“I know…I’ve lost.” I said, “Let my family and friends go….I will do whatever you want.”

This part was terrifying:

He knelt down next to me, and with his long, sharp fingers, he began to stroke my face.  His jawline even began to shape itself like a smile.


“The children…do they go free?”


“And my family?”


“Then I will go!”

I don’t know what happened after that….all I remember was waking up in the park near my home.  Sam was standing over me.

“Are you okay, Justin?” he asked.

“I think so,” I lied.

Of course I wasn’t okay!  One second I was looking at poor, innocent, skinny children under Slenderman’s hostage…and Slenderman petting me…..the next second, I wake up home.

“What day is it?

“Thursday, why?”

“No, no,” I said, “what day and what month?”

“It’s July 12th….”

I sat up…that was months ago!

“What year?” I asked.


I had gone back in time.

Sam continued, “What are you talking about, Justin?  You texted me saying you wanted to meet up here at midnight.  When I got here, you were unconscious.”

Slenderman sent me back in time.

Over the next few days, things began to get back to normal.  Miles (who wasn’t dead anymore) proposed to Avery and came over to visit.  It was good to see them again.  Sam went back to his work as an architect after his several years of schooling in Washington.  Several kids and a fat business man were found alive in a forest in Washington.  They don’t remember how they got there.  I just finished up my fourth semester of college.  Things were great!  I don’t know what happened…but I think that was the end of Slenderman.  The only evidence I have of him comes from these journal entries…and I want it to stay that way!!!

May 7, 2013 - Tuesday

Hello, my name is Justin Sampson.  I am your average college student.  I haven’t done much in life…just be a great friend to all those around me.  I have two close friends, Avery and Miles, and a loving brother and Mother.  I have recently suffered from amneisa  recently, but my dddddooctors have told me that I will recover in timeee.  I have this weeeeeird feeling in my stomach.                 .iw   op   As I write this, I feel like I am not alone.  I keep seeing this man in the streets, iin my bedroom, I don’tklow know who he me he is, but I kind of I like it.  This is my last entry I thhhihihihink.  I dodododon’t se a point to keep writing anymore. 

I’ve overcome thththe Slenderman.  He no longer scares me or my brother………

May 8, 2013 – Wednesday









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