It was probably just my imagination, but I thought I saw Slender Man the other day. I was riding my bike home from the park, and it was getting pretty dark. I decided to take the shortest way possible to get back home, which means I have to go past some pretty thick wooded areas. About half way up the road I saw a tall dark figure in the middle of the feild right next to me. It was tall and dark, and it kind of looke like a person. My first thought was that it was him, but I had been reading alot about him that day. And after I thought about it, it seemed a little wider than the internet describes him, so I just figured it was a dead tree. But today I went for a ride down to the park, and I decided to take the same road. And when I got to the spot where I thought I saw him, it was compleatly bare. No trees, no bushes, nothing that looked like a person in any way. It was probably my imagination, but it still freaked me out.

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