I had a dream a few days ago and i feel a need to share it. I was in a big house escorting a few of my friends around. When we came to a room. Even though this isn't my house i seem to have had a room there anyway. When i walked in my friend was gone. I shrugged it off and inspected the room. I noticed the curtains were open, which is something i detest. The room was alight with only the light from outside, but i proceeded to close the curtains when i noticed a pale man standing in the yard. I did not move for a bit but then continued to close the curtains. I blinked and he was 5 inches from my face, only the glass kept us apart. He had no eyes or mouth and wore a black suit with a red tie. I knew who he was. I screamed at him and told him I didn't want him here. Where his mouth was supposed to be trembled and split open as he shouted the most inhuman cry i have heard. This immeadeatly woke me. I looked over at my clock which read 3:54 A.M. i could not sleep for two hours and finally succumed to it at 6. i woke up at 8:37 and was late for school by 20 minutes. The image and the scream stay burned into my brain , even while typing this. I hope you guys see this and offer up some advice on the experience i had.

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