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Implord February 9, 2015 User blog:Implord

Alright, so, I was asked a while ago about Blackmouths, a species I mentioned in my... critical phase. Uhm... According to "Deleu" they are "something that used to be human... I guess". "He" wouldn't go into detail about their nature, but from what I saw in these notes, I'd think a Blackmouth is something like a bloodhound of Slendy. I... kinda sorted what he said about them:


- "..., because they usually don't show themselves in that large number (...) but I think they have something like a common leader. Not Slender Man, but something like an Alpha- Dog. He calls, they gather."

- "...but I think I should be fine. (...) The Blackmouths never leave the woods. To get from one forest to another they use the Path."

-"The little one seems to hate them. Anyway, they don't mind. Actually, they have no conciousness, if I can trust her word."


- "If he entered the woods, he is all bones by now. Even a fat guy like him is only, say, five minutes chewing to the Blackmouths."

- "So he says its dead. I say that's the kind of thing to say that got (...) killed. They can take a (...) bullet or two into their heads and they can take a blade in their hearts."


- "..., and one would notice something so ugly, even in Berlin."

- "Do you know the story of the Blackmouth that wasn't so scary everyone would wet himself by looking at him? Me neither. I swear, for something that doesnt think it sure has a death glare."

- "There sure is a reason Vogel called them Blackmouths. I wonder if their blood is black, too. But I doubt it."

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