Hi, Slender Wiki.

My name's Jam. Well, it isn't. Jam's a nickname. But anyway, I'm an amateur filmmaker, but I've been on a kind of hiatus for the past year, in which I haven't actually shot anything. I've just been writing and scripting and focusing on other areas of my life.

I only came across Slender Man on April Fool's Day. I'd heard about him before from a friend, who'd shown me the two originals photomanips, but I'd never really taken an interest.

Then I started to watch some of the videos. Mainly MarbleHornets and EverymanHYBRID. They're amazing, and they got me really interested in the whole Slender Man mythos. Not just in the suited stalker himself, but also in the world that's been created around him, with creatures like the Rake and other beings he seems to have interacted with.

So I'm very interested in doing a miniseries based on the Slender Man mythos as part of my new batch of short films that I plan to release over the next few years. However, if I do, it'll be very, very different to any pre-existing films or series', partly because I don't want to dishonour a group of such incredible works, and also because I want to do something that will separate my piece from theirs. My only concern is that I don't want to upset the Slender Man fan base.

First, it wouldn't be an ARG. I know there's already been at least one non-ARG film (Windigo, am I right?), so I think it's okay if I don't go for the ARG format. Not because I don't like it, but because I'd rather try something else.

Second, the actual appearance and characteristics of Slender Man would be a mix of the original Slendy and the new. So yeah - back tentacles, effect on children, mixed in with the stuff we've seen since that time.

I thought I'd post this here, on this wiki, since I don't really know where else to go to ask fans with as much dedication as has been shown by the quality of this site. I want to experiment with the legend of the Slender Man, but I don't want to upset the fans. It's hard. I thought I'd ask around and see how well this would be taken before I got too deep into it.

I haven't started pre-production or anything yet, so if what I'm saying sounds bad or off kilter, please let me know. I'd hate to make something that wouldn't fit in with the Slender Man mythos. What I want to do is put my own spin on it.

Well thanks for reading this. If you know of a better place for me to post this message, on somewhere where it might do more good, then please say so.


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