Time just seems to pass quickly when im online, doing my research. i spent 8 hours solid today without realising. 16 hours total today so far. I am staying at my mums for a few days, and she doesnt know i spend so much time online. Thats comforting, she doesnt know a single thing. My brother has said basically im a stupid idiot for believeing, and wont talk to me. My few remaining friends think im going crazy and are worried, only one knows that i believe, nothing else. 

My friends abandonded me at the wrong time. My family is stuffed up and I need them right now. They cant see that. But i cant help thinking i cant wait to get away from them all, incase something were to happen, to keep them safe. We have had enough drama for now.

I dont think i will be able to sleep tonight, im still digging. And i have babysitting tomorrow and then work friday. I dont need this, but I do. 

Rant over


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