With what little sleep i did manage to get last night, I had the worst dream so far. Well nightmare really. I was in a house, not mine thats for sure, with my stepmum. It was two stories and we could see outside via a little window in  the bedroom, where we were reading. I got a really bad feeling, and looked outside. There was someone coming in with a knife, and Slender Man was not far behind him, just standing there. I freaked out and fell to the ground, looked at the window and he was there, staring at me. Knife guy was already in the house. The rest of that dream was me and my stepmum running from knnife guy and Slender. Although knife guy had been taken over by HABBIT. He kept taunting, and cutting us. Thats when i woke up. It took hours to fall back to sleep.

The next dream was me out with my stepmum again and out two dogs, plus another random one. We came across a heard of wild goats in the bush, normal for Australia, so we let the dogs go on them. The goats ran off, so the dogs started hearding ducklogs and baby rabbits. My vision got really bad, and i just saw a rabbit next to me so i picked it up, its tail was all bloody, as if something had tried to bite it off, but it wasnt the dogs. I took the rabbit home in my jumper (it was raining and cold) and it cried the whole way, then died. 

I am so confused by these dreams, and have been scared all morning. I dont want tonight to come at all....

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