Wow, almost a month. I really dont think it has been this long. Time has been rather muddled recently. My tormentor is back. I cant sleep, cant consentrate, cant shake this feeling of dredd. Something is happening and i dont like it. At all. I dont know what it is. Every time i have tried to come on this site something has made me stop. Even now im fighting getting off. 

I am so tired. so so tired. If i sleep ill have nightmares. I have started sleep walking again, after years and years of not. The tapping on the windows and walls has started to really get to me. Its not rats or mice or possums in the walla, they sound different. This is someone or something tapping away. Rythmically and solidly for a few minutes at a time. Nowhere offers me refuge anymore. nowhere is safe. I just want to sleep. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

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