i do not expect anyone to read this or care, and that doesnt bother me in the least. I just feel as if i should put this somewhere, and amongst strangers is the best I could think of.

I edited my profile earlier, saying that the other meaning to my name is IamBroken. I truly now believe this is the case. Things have been building up for years, and ive finally cracked. Nothing to do with slender man at all, just the thoughts of a lost person, floating through existance. 

So, the list that had lead me to feeling emotionless, and what emotion i have left is sadness: Parents divorce, violent brother, arguments with everyone, losing all my friends, crazy uncle who wants to kill us, angry father, people dying, boyfriend who is dying, everyone moving away from me, a shooting, having to clean up a crime scene in sisters house, disowning two sisters.

I truly feel broken, a shell of my former self. 

Where do i go from here.....

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