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Yesterday I turned the big 18. Finally an adult. I havnt been on here in a while. I have a few worries.

A) Kiba. HAHAHA massive worry there, i hope she hangs on and is ok. We are here for you Kiba. Stay strong.

B) I have sort of lost it over the past few days. My headache is back, my cough has come back, i cant sleep, i dont eat, and even though i live in a "Slender Man free Zone" , the two times now that i swear i have seen him or a flash of something tall and black i have started having a coughing fit on the ground. Its not nice. 

C) Im afaraid of sleep. My nightmares are back. Ive had a few eposodes of sleep paralisis. Also, my spirit 'friend' has been harassing me, I have felt someone watching me, heard tapping on my windows and walls, even at my mums house now.

D) A few more friends know now, and they all think that im going crazy. Maybe i am, who knows. My family doesnt know yet, thats one good thing.  

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