So, some of you know that I've been having a rough time lately involving my family. This particular "blog post" is to see who thinks what on a topic that's been really messing with me. My family has decided that I'm addicted to the laptop and my games, and think that cutting me off of them will somehow make me healthier and happier. Well, that being said, I've been miserable a lot more often and more noticeably since then. They think it's somwthing else; but I've had some of the best times of my life on here. And almost every time I go offline, I'm happy. I smile. I laugh. I feel just a bit more sane, a bit less depressed, a bit more wanted, and the like. This is to see: Who think it's better to not cut me off from here, and who thinks it's better to cut me off? I'm hoping this will show them that I know what makes me happy, and what's good for me. Leave a comment saying what you think.


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