The Return & The Hunting Trip Story

While I don't necessarily remember taking the time to type out, "Somewhere Between the Future and Now, "specifically in April; I thought I should make an update regarding my current affairs in reference to this Wikia. In June, I had received a message asking from an anonymous individual asking if I am a proxy—however, that is not the case. Furthermore, I have never said I am a proxy for any being. I am the owner of my own persona, life-force, and blood. That burden is mine to shoulder—as it is heavy on my heart to even exist. There are reasons for my absence that I cannot discuss—but I have simply returned more confident in knowing that there are some things about me that I now know. Even though I had originally thought that, that would change any of my feelings—that I would grow more light on my feet and content, such is now not so—as it was before-hand as well. I was a fool to believe that the truth would set me free—as truth is not a happy thing, it is a demented object of interest that takes apart whatever seeks it. Thus, I should've known that looking for any sort of truth to my existence would have leaded me to being as I am today.

Now that I have moved that within the vision of those who would find themselves gazing upon this blog of mine, a story is in order. On another note, it should be noted that I will not list which state within the United States I live within.

According to the date that, "Somewhere Between the Future and Now," was posted—several months before that; in either December or November—during the hunting season for deer: my grandfather and I had made our way out to a seven-hundred-and- forty-five acre property my family owns to this day. Through the country we traveled in a red and white truck--observing already harvested fields of frost, with only small exchanges of talks occurring due to my disinterest in speaking. Noon became night, and my patience lingering just as still as calm seas, my grandfather and I finally reached our property—opening and closing worn & rusted red as well as black gates to enter the area. My eyes—which I care not to describe due to the oddity of their changing color, transfixed themselves on a raised cabin that was at the top of a hill leading into wooded areas all around us. The cabin was yet to be completely built yet, but the foundation was complete—along with the areas on the outside. It is on this note that on the inside--there was a shower not yet completely set-up, a white plastic table—and two generators which I believe were red in color. Even more so, there was a couch, as well as two beds—and a loveseat. Being as tired as we were due to sitting for so long, I climbed a ladder to an area leading into a wooden enclosure with the bed of my choosing. Even though I had no Wi-Fi and little to no service from my provider—I had taken care to bring a book known as, "The King in Yellow"—by Robert William Chambers. I read a few pages, and then eventually found myself in a deep sleep—where I did not dream, nor did I stir from until the first hints of daylight. Blackness was the company that I had while asleep—on that note. A roar of an engine came from outside, signaling the arrival of more family members—which I care naught to type about. I put on my hunting clothing—which was a pair of camouflaged boots, camouflaged overalls, a jacket—as well as an orange hat and other orange clothing to wear over the camouflage clothing in question. Then, afterwards—I walked down a set of wooden stairs—and down a hill, following a small path that I knew well—which lead to a clearing that was mainly made up of a large pond. Glancing around, I found what I was looking for--a small tent with a chair to sit in. Sitting down of course, time began to pass by, and it became colder.

This is where it gets interesting.

While I had no knowledge of it, the sky was supposed to be a mix of gray and white—as snow would fall and the temperature took a much colder turn with time’s passing. It started with light flakes of white—but in time, the snow fell very heavily. I had spotted two deer, but had told myself that an attempt to shoot the deer would only scare other game away from the area—due to the distance at which I was standing at. *It should be noted that two years prior, I had shot a buck right in the lungs from a considerable distance—which was remarkably my first deer to kill.* Suddenly, somewhere in the time period that I was on my own in that tent with the snow flying into my face due to the open window-like areas on my left as well as right—and in front of me, my vision became blackened—and I passed out. Apparently, I had been out for at least three hours--as when I had awoke, my body was completely cold—and it was still snowing just as hard. The average temperature for a human body is ninety-eight degrees F—but I was in the cold for so long, that my situation had become very dangerous due to that fact in itself. I hesitated a moment to leave the tent—as I would have to walk up a large hill after heading through a path, but realized that I had to do so—to spare myself of literally freezing to death. The walk was long, and my body felt like it was becoming worse with the state it was in. Lucky as I was to make it back alive, it is to this day—that I have not a clue as to what made me pass out.

It took me many months of deliberating on what actually happened during that period of time to realize that I didn't actually fall asleep—but that I actually had actually blacked out. In summary, the trip was full of disappointment—as no one in my family shot anything.

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