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Not taking my pills

I've been taking pills since I was young... The youngest that I can remember was around the age of six.

Yeah, there was times that I didn't take it, or such; but as of lately I walk into my kitchen seeing that blue pill there on the wood, and white marble table... But I can't take a drink and swallow it due to it being too late to do so... The doctors would ask I take the pills around 8 A.M or so....

Later on, they would make me take bigger and BIGGER portions of the stuff... Then they would loosen up somewhat on how much I should take... 

...And then they would make me take big portions again.

The pills were always tasteless, and such, and I really never knew what they were for...

The thing is, ever since I stopped taking them, I started feeling more; and more crappy.

When I type crappy, I mean I started getting headaches... Which before, I had never really had a, "headache".

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