Last night, I had the idea of putting on some lucid dreaming hypnosis sounds...

I dreamed long, and hard.

I woke up in an unknown time period, but I would like to say it was the seventies...

I woke in my room, and looked around.

It was night.

I walked out of my room, into the hall.. I walked from there, into the kitchen. In the kitchen sat a 30-year younger version of my grandpa, with brown hair, with a white shirt. He also had blue jeans, and a pair of black shoes on, I got an immediate sense of a strict sense of evil from him. A very evil sense of direction, was in this version of him, and I crept out of the room.

I then waited until he went to bed, grabbed a backpack, and started packing things.

I snuck out of the door that night, with not that many people around. I ran down the street silently, while the sun started coming up. An old lady was mowing her lawn. She had frizzled hair of white, and her dress was of many colors partaining to orange and white. The lawn mower, was red in color with a black motor.

She looked at me and said, "follow your dreams!" I began to creep past her knowing that in her words was a sense of support. I didn't know where I was going, but whatever. In her backyard I stolled, then realized the fences that were there were ones I could not climb. I backtracked, and went into the street again. Pausing, I looked down, to my left. Then, I began to walk down the street, until I saw a house belonging to someone I think I knew, in this strange dream.

Knocking on the blue door, an old man opened it, and looked at me quietly for a moment. He had a blue robe, and blue pajamas.

He opened the door, and let me on in. A few moments later, he was talking about how I was one of the most ingenious lawyers he had ever seen. In my mind, crept the thought, "what?"

Just then, a loud knocking came at the door.

Getting up, I saw an exit through another door, leading to the old man's backyard.  Running foward, I opened the door and ran across the yard, and over the cold; metal fence.

Looking foward, I saw infront of me a wooded area.

SO, the experiment worked. I played the following on my tablet so I could dream rightly:

SIDENOTE: Now that I think about it, the house I went into with the old man was the one boarded up house in my neighborhood outside of the dream...

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