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...Third 3y3

We went to the bottom, we came back drab. Lacking light, feeling nothing but pain and insecurity. They told us, . We began to suffocate, and became . In all of our deep anger, we went down... Down, and down... . We thought we were alone, but we found ourself in a crowd of people, we thought might be like us. We thought it would help, but it ripped the wounds farther apart.. . We never did. Now we bear a cross, that doesn't seem to be facing down on the ground, nor upwards. We ask ourselves each day, is this a ? When the minds answer back, "No," then we sigh. It goes on, and on, because . There is no difference, because it just repeats... we could say, but who knows where we walk? We would like to . However, all that would be left is my . We know it is for , so that is quiet. .

0ld w0rds, always m3an s0m3thing...

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