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aka グレーの魂の輝き (Grey SoulShine)

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March 7, 2014
  • I live in In a Constant State of Delusion
  • My occupation is Welding the Chaos and Balance of this World
  • I am Lucid as Clear Water, And Dark as Light
  • Grey Cross

    The Return & The Hunting Trip Story

    While I don't necessarily remember taking the time to type out, "Somewhere Between the Future and Now, "specifically in April; I thought I should make an update regarding my current affairs in reference to this Wikia. In June, I had received a message asking from an anonymous individual asking if I am a proxy—however, that is not the case. Furthermore, I have never said I am a proxy for any being. I am the owner of my own persona, life-force, and blood. That burden is mine to shoulder—as it is heavy on my heart to even exist. There are reasons for my absence that I cannot discuss—but I have simply returned more confident in knowing that there are some things abou…

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  • Grey Cross

    Some time ago, I felt the winds change for a better course—but then now it changed back to its original course. I’ve been okay for a while, even though I still felt those wounds and scars created. It wasn’t as bad as it was before—after things settled down, and the dust fell.

    A lot of things felt new. I was happy for once, and there was peace. But…

    Violence still prospers enduringly in this heart of mine, it would appear. I cannot rest properly with this in my heart. It would appear that I am split into light and darkness—but how can this be right? They say that darkness cannot be found where light is… But is that always so?

    …And now, it would seem I am there again, somewhere that I am unsure of. , h…

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  • Grey Cross

    Lead me through this stain--the darkness which radiates from my eyes, bloodshot as they are, and were...

    The pain of yesterday, is enough to kill today, or rot away our tomorrow's; for silently they stand there--tapping my shoulder to try and make me shudder...

    I feel the blackness in my eyes, ill wanting to retreat away, yet it must...

    I'm wondering how much longer it will be until I can be anywhere near happy, or even sad...

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  • Grey Cross

    Its ironic, how those who would say they care for you, take the time to try and talk to you--when all you hear, is the sound of blood curdling tears...

    With memories of the past, to fill the gaps of yesterday today--to make you sickly and feel torn in two again, and all the while to wonder when again you will feel that of the grey skies you so used to defend youself--to not feel...

    To be only nearing the top of the stairs, that would lead to some form of salvation--only to be thrown down the stairs by a black hand covered in evil, in the disguise of someone who in all irony, decided to break their blessed silence; to speak again with the same loving tone that…

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  • Grey Cross

    You, you I am unfamiliar with, yet you try to warn me of something. Yet my ears seem to be unable to hear, like if I was blind--which I am not.

    I can at least try and lend my ear, to try to hear your warning. I can understand the tone of your words, but I don't know what words you use...

    You know, it might be better if you use body language....

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