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My First Encounter

I had an encounter, i was going to camp in a forest with my friend, half way there, we got tired and, fell asleep in the car, when we woke up, 5 WHOLE HOURS have passed, it was 8:00 PM, and we arrived there around 11:30 PM, and we were looking at locations where we could camp , and then we split up with all of our own cameras to take pics of the places that would be good to stay, i was walking in the forest, going deeper inside, then i checked my watch, and it said it was 12:30, 1 hour had passed!, and it only felt like 10 mins, i was walking back to the direction of the car, and i started losing my sense of direction, before i knew it, i was lost, and i was walking around looking at the moon's position , and then i check my watch again, and a whole 2 hours had passed, it was 2:30 AM, and then in the distance i heard a sound, and when i looked there, he was there, a tall man in a suit, staring at me, i wasn't able to get a good glimpse at his face, but when i was running toward to ask for directions, i tripped, and when i looked in his direction he was gone, so i walked toward the spot he was in, and then a few moments after that my friend found me, and when i got hold of my laptop, i did some research on the Slenderman and he is known to be an evil, creature, but..... he helped me get out of the Forrest, if it wasn't for him, i might not be here today, maybe, just maybe Slenderman is actually good....

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