Inescapable Script Draft-

[Black Background with white text & voice saying]:

Text 1

"For those who may not know, my name is Officer Gates. I have been investigating a series of disappearances concerning a few people. We have chosen to showcase a series of tapes filmed by the victims shortly after their disappearances. We are showing these tapes to you in hopes to prevent such occurances again, and possibly to identify this mysterious entity."

Text 2

"These tapes supposedly took place during September of 2010,

we sent the tapes to a video editor, and he made a rough compilation of the tapes, He also noted that some parts of the tapes are heavily damaged or distorted by unknown reasons."

Text 3

"The victims in this film have never been found. Their last names were never mentioned, and they have never been specifcly identified. "

Text 4

"We had a lead from their school, which contained their records and last names, but the school was mysteriously Burned down. The source of the fire, seemed to come from the classroom that the school claimed was the victims' classroom, also all the students and teachers from that classroom had all disappeared, and anyone who could have identified any of the victims were gone."

"During the release of this film, the year 2013, The case was dismissed, and the trail has gone cold."

Text 5

"But I have never stopped investigating. These disappearances, the school fire are all linked together somehow and the possibilities are quite intriguing... I believe this entity is still out there and I am prepared to make everyone aware of his existance... Must I go missing aswell? I'm not sure, but I need to show you these tapes! They are a bigger mystery than the case itself."

Text 6


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