• FrancisGat

    I saw him again!

    August 30, 2013 by FrancisGat

    I saw him...... It was horrifying, he was chasing me... Through the forest, i dont know why, but i just had to go back, something about my first encounter, triggered me to go back, alone... I dont know why, i wanted to go back there, and i wanted to go ALONE! What is wrong with me? I need to go back, I have no idea why.... But i just have to... And this time..... Im coming prepared...

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  • FrancisGat

    My First Encounter

    August 28, 2013 by FrancisGat

    I had an encounter, i was going to camp in a forest with my friend, half way there, we got tired and, fell asleep in the car, when we woke up, 5 WHOLE HOURS have passed, it was 8:00 PM, and we arrived there around 11:30 PM, and we were looking at locations where we could camp , and then we split up with all of our own cameras to take pics of the places that would be good to stay, i was walking in the forest, going deeper inside, then i checked my watch, and it said it was 12:30, 1 hour had passed!, and it only felt like 10 mins, i was walking back to the direction of the car, and i started losing my sense of direction, before i knew it, i was lost, and i was walking around looking at the moon's position , and then i check my watch again, a…

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  • FrancisGat

    Inescapable Intro Draft

    August 28, 2013 by FrancisGat

    Inescapable Script Draft-

    [Black Background with white text & voice saying]:

    Text 1

    "For those who may not know, my name is Officer Gates. I have been investigating a series of disappearances concerning a few people. We have chosen to showcase a series of tapes filmed by the victims shortly after their disappearances. We are showing these tapes to you in hopes to prevent such occurances again, and possibly to identify this mysterious entity."

    Text 2

    "These tapes supposedly took place during September of 2010,

    we sent the tapes to a video editor, and he made a rough compilation of the tapes, He also noted that some parts of the tapes are heavily damaged or distorted by unknown reasons."

    Text 3

    "The victims in this film have never been found. Their …

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