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How Duels Work


One player is the challenger. Whoever challenges can drop the challenge before the match begins, however those being challenged cannot back out. The player who gets challenged gets first move. The players must advance towards each other until first blood is spilled. Once a first attack has been made, retreating is an option. The winner is the player still standing after the match. This rule applies to 2 on 2 matches as well, with the only difference being 2 on 2 matches involve 2 people being required to lose for the other team to claim victory,

How Bosses Work

When facing a boss, the fighting player chooses a boss opponent to face. The player is then instructed to pick a rank between 1 and 84


Ranks 1-21 are considered the standard rank, with 21 being the hardest and 1 being the easiest. In this, the boss will be powerful, but not using their all.


Ranks 22-42 are a massive jump in difficulty, where the boss will be giving it everything they have to defeat the player.


Ranks 43-63 are insanely difficult, where the boss is now under the influence of a higher power. The boss will be far stronger than before, and defeating them ends the curse.


Ranks 64-84 will have the boss acting as a direct conduit for the powers of the Ancient Ones, Elder Gods, and Outer Gods, and will be the hardest one can get, with 84 being the power of the Eldritch Abomination itself directly manifested in the boss. Defeating them ends the tyranny of the Eldritch.


When facing a boss, players have a choice of either facing the boss by themselves or in a large group. It is to note that bosses that have minions or allies will not face the player solo should the player decide to face them solo.

If the player chooses solo, the player fails should he/she fall in battle before the boss is defeated (Other units are negligible). If the player chooses group, the group fails should ALL allies fall before the boss (other units are negligible).

A victory results in all participants who survive being given a stat up bottle equal to the rank. Therefore, Rank 20 means 20 stat ups.

A rank cannot be re-fought nor anything below it for more stat ups, only entertainment.

How Special Fights Work


Special Boss Fights are fought as is at their current rank. These bosses are extremely powerful, and have various powerful abilities. Unlike standard boss fights, there isn't a Boss Rank to determine the boss's power, the boss is fought as-is at a strong level by default.


Credits go to KamikazeTHC for the fonts. Original image.

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